Robin Martindale

Words Cannot Describe

My Mouth

As I see it, art making is a meditative process. When I work, I learn who I am. My
intentions when I begin are often purely formal. I'm interested in color,
media, form and process when I start a piece but when the work is complete and
I have a chance to live with it I begin to learn what the message is. 

I believe that there are many things that can only be revealed visually. Visual
art is a way of communicating that is as visceral as music but much more
subtle, particularly when it is non-representational or abstracted. We absorb
things visually and take joy in that vision without taking the time to name it.
Once we name an object, it is then categorized and, in my opinion, limited. I
offer these images to you and hope that they reveal a story to you that is
unique to you and that their ambiguity reveals our common humanity and that we
can feel the comfort of our similarities in them.